Achieve a Gorgeous Smile for the Holidays with Dental Veneers

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As you navigate the cheer and frenzy of the holidays, we urge you to not neglect your smile. Maintain excellent oral hygiene habits and take time to visit your dentist if you are due for your next dental cleaning and exam. If you are ashamed of your smile and want to enhance its appearance, Dr. Mark Swensen, Dr. Glenn Balkins, and Dr. Ben Haslam offer dental veneers to quickly beautify your smile.

A dental veneer is a thin cosmetic shell that covers a tooth to enhance the appearance of your smile. Veneers are effective, safe, and highly durable–able to last for more than 10 years before repair or replacement is needed. If you want dental veneers that are especially resistant to stains and discolorations, we recommend porcelain material.

If an oral accident or injury has caused you to suffer dental damage, dental veneers offer highly customizable options for tooth restoration. In fact, dental veneers provide a level of beauty that most smiles cannot achieve naturally.

Dental veneers treat a wide variety of dental problems, such as:

– Stains and discoloration that teeth whitening can’t eliminate
– Mild malocclusion issues, such as bad bites
– Small gaps between teeth
– Cracking or chipping caused by oral trauma
– Discoloration caused by tooth decay or the erosion of tooth enamel

Our dental team wants to ensure your smile receives the care it needs, and we are happy to help you decide if dental veneers in Corvallis, Oregon, are right for you. Please feel free to call our dentist at 541-754-4017 today to schedule your visit to North Point Dental Group, LLC.