People, Not Teeth

  • What it means: Each patient is more than simply a set of teeth. Each patient has a story that brings them to this moment in our office.
  • How to express it: We actively listen to our patients and we don’t make assumptions. We tell them the truth about their oral health. We don’t make decisions that are not ours to make. We help them achieve the level of health that they choose for themselves.
  • What is the outcome? We improve people’s lives through better health. We develop a reputation as the premier restorative office in the area. We provide an experience for our patients that they can’t help but share with others.

All In Attitude

  • What it means: We each have to WANT to be here. We strive to do what we do at the highest level and work to be better every day. We have a growth mindset that is “above the line.”
  • How to express it: Each day we “bring out best and leave the rest.” We seek opportunities to learn and to get better, even when it hurts to grow. We welcome change with positive energy.
  • What is the outcome? Each of us, if given the chance to work anywhere, would choose to work here. We each experience the satisfaction of personal and professional growth. Work supports the vision for each of our lives.

We Before Me

  • What it means: We are willing to put aside what may be best for us individually for what is best for the whole team.
  • How to express it: We act with humility and selflessness. We each strive to become the ideal team player – Humble, Hungry, and Smart.
  • What is the outcome? The synergy of everyone rowing in the same direction.

Good Energy

  • What it means: Simply put, if it’s not fun, it won’t last. Life is too short to hate coming to work every day.
  • How to express it: We laugh together every day. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are kind in our interactions with each other. Problems are not ignored, but honest and open communication brings solutions that allow us to move forward.
  • What is the outcome? Positive energy is felt, and laughter is heard throughout the office. Patients will comment on how much fun our team has working together. Energy suckers cannot thrive in our office.