All You Need to Know About the Best and Worst Christmas Foods for Your Smile

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Before you dig into the endless amount of Christmas food stock piled on your kitchen table, remember that some of that food can be good but also bad for your smile. If you want a strong and successful oral health this Christmas, it’s important that you eat the good foods and do your best to avoid eating the bad foods. To help you identify these foods, we have provided the following lists:

The Best Foods

· Gingerbread: When it comes to the delicious bread baked at Christmas time, gingerbread is your best option. This bread is healthy for your smile because it does not contain the significant amount of sugar other breads do and it is no less delicious.
· Turkey: Turkey is a healthy and lean meat that promotes strong teeth. Because the meat has nutrients, like phosphorus, your smile will have a better chance at fighting off tooth decay this Christmas.
· Nuts: Nuts are also a teeth-healthy option because they contain a multitude of magnesium, iron, and calcium. These elements work together to keep your teeth healthy and strong. So, please feel free to eat as many almonds, walnuts, and cashews as you would like—just be careful not to chip your pearly whites while doing so.

The Worst Foods

· Sweets: As you may already know, sweets are very harmful for your smile, especially hard and sticky sweets. These treats can cling to your smile and remain in your mouth much longer than traditional candy will. This will promote tooth decay and can severely harm your smile. We’re not asking you to sacrifice your Christmas treats this year—we’re just asking you to avoid hard, sticky treats as well as drink plenty of water and brush and floss your smile as soon as you can.
· Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits are very acidic, which is why they are extremely dangerous for your smile. These acids tend to erode your tooth enamel over time and encourage tooth decay as well as other dental issues. So, please do your best to eat these foods in moderation.
· Wine: Wine is not necessarily a food or one that is harmful to your smile. However, it does severely stain your teeth, whether it’s red or white wine, and it also dries out your mouth. If you want a white and healthy smile this holiday, it’s best to avoid drinking wine.

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