The Dental Damage Done by Illegal Drugs

Alcohol and tobacco, legal drugs somewhat acceptable in society today, have already been known to be harmful for your teeth and gums. Indeed, many prescription drugs do equal damage. What is not talked about frequently is the destructive nature that illegal drugs have on your oral health. Here is some info that you might like to know. Marijuana As reported... read more »

Prevent the Formation of New Cavities With Fluoride Supplements

Your smile can develop cavities if the bacteria in your mouth has the opportunity to exploit a weakened area in the tooth enamel. Cavities are more likely to occur if you drink unfluoridated water, drink a lot of acidic beverages, or don’t practice an effective oral hygiene regimen. Fortunately, our dentist can detect problems with your tooth enamel during your... read more »

Three Reasons a Dental Implant Is Often Ideal

Because of the popularity of dental veneers and dental crowns, many patients forget that dental implants can also restore their smiles, especially because the lack of titanium screws make crowns and veneers much simpler. However, dental implants can benefit your smile in ways that other cosmetic procedures can’t accomplish. We propose these three reasons to consider receiving dental implants for... read more »

Take Care of Your Smile with Tooth Hazard Treatments

  Never be afraid to seek out new ways to protect your smile against the dangers of tooth hazards. Tooth hazards can arise at any time and can lead to oral accidents or injuries that can severely harm your teeth and gums. Only by being prepared can you effectively make sure that your smile is well protected against any issues... read more »

Make Your Dental Crowns Last a Long Time

Dental crowns are fashioned in a process that makes them very tough. By bringing the substances that will comprise your crown to very high temperatures, workshops can contour the crown, set it and cure it, fashioning a product that will last for multiple years with appropriate care. So how long do dental crowns last? That depends on how well you’re... read more »

Achieve a Gorgeous Smile for the Holidays with Dental Veneers

As you navigate the cheer and frenzy of the holidays, we urge you to not neglect your smile. Maintain excellent oral hygiene habits and take time to visit your dentist if you are due for your next dental cleaning and exam. If you are ashamed of your smile and want to enhance its appearance, Dr. Mark Swensen, Dr. Glenn Balkins,... read more »

The Basics of a TMJ Disorder

10 million people in our nation alone have been diagnosed with TMJ Disorder. Its central feature is jaw pain. Other specifics may include an aching pain inside and around the ear, facial pain, trouble chewing, and the locking of the jaw. You may also have a popping noise while you work on your jaw joints, but if there is no... read more »

Correct Dental Damage with CEREC Dental Crowns

Did you know that there is an oral health care treatment that can protect your teeth down to the gum line? Not only will it improve the look of a tooth, it can even provide protection from future ailments and accidents that may arise. They are known as CEREC dental crowns. A CEREC dental crown treatment is a tooth restoration... read more »

Understanding Cosmetic Dentistry

Did you know, there is more than one treatment you can choose from to make your smile shine? Well, it’s true! The best way to find out which one is right for you is to talk to your doctor, Dr. Glenn D. Balkins, Mark P. Swensen and Dr. Haslam at North Point Dental Group, LLC to find out which treatment... read more »