Mouth Jewelry Can Damage Your Teeth

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Mouth jewelry has become a popular addition to many people’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the dangers mouth jewelry can pose to your teeth and the severe damage that could be avoided.

Mouth jewelry is considered a hazard to your oral health, which is why our dentists, Dr. Glenn D. Balkins, Mark P. Swensen and Dr. Haslam with North Point Dental Group, LLC in Corvallis, Oregon, are happy to help you understand why.

Here are some ways mouth jewelry can damage your teeth:

– Mouth jewelry could aggravate allergies that will close off your airway and make breathing difficult.
– If for any reason you are suffering from inflammation due to mouth jewelry, it can make your tongue swell up and close off your airway.
– Mouth jewelry has been known to cause infections.
– Choking hazards associated with mouth jewelry are possible if the piercing breaks or detaches.
– Tongue rings, in particular, are known to cause nerve damage because they can be placed incorrectly in your tongue.
– Cleaning your mouth out can be difficult if mouth jewelry is in the way.

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