Save Your Smile with Dental Veneer Therapy

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Are you ready for the wonderful weather that is slowly coming our way? With the summer season about to be full blown, being outside will be more desirable than ever. Save your smile with dental veneer therapy and improve your smile for the rest of the year and many more years to come.

Dental veneers work by applying a thin shell to the fronts of teeth. Although the shell is thin, it is extremely durable and cast last up to a decade before it needs to be replaced. Dental veneers are applied to each individual tooth and can be used to fix a few small irregularities in your smile, or on multiple teeth for an entire smile makeover. With dental veneers, you can conceal stains, discolorations, and other visual defects that hinder your smile and keep it from giving you the look you desire.

Dental veneers are extremely realistic looking and in many ways, look even better than natural teeth. Veneers are also highly customizable and can be shaped and crafted to your exact needs, including by size, shape, color, and comfort level. With dental veneers, the smile you desire can be yours.

To learn more about dental veneers, schedule an appointment with your dentist North Point Dental Group, LLC, by calling our dentist office in Corvallis, Oregon at 541-754-4017. Dr. Glenn D. Balkins, Mark P. Swensen and Dr. Haslam and our entire team want to ensure your teeth are shining with veneers for years to come.