The Significance of Your Temporomandibular Joints

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Your temporomandibular joints are popularly known as TMJs. They are the ball and socket joints that connect the jaw to the skull so that you can move your mouth in all directions. The existence of your TMJs allows for efficient speech, the ability to open and close the mouth and chew up food to promote proper digestion. We invite you to take this time to appreciate your TMJs and seek treatment if they feel any sort of discomfort.

Because these joints are so complex in nature, they can experience damage and injury easily, sometimes resulting in conditions known as TMJ disorders or TMDs. The presence of joint pain as a result of TMD may be relieved with an ice or heat pack–ice packs for swelling and inflammation. Sometimes, TMD jaw pain is caused by anxiety and stress may benefit from relaxing practices such as yoga, meditation, calming music, or biofeedback.

It’s also possible that your TMD is the direct result of bruxism, an underlying disorder where you unconsciously grind your teeth during sleep. The constant pressure can wear on your jaw and lead to the development of TMD. In this case, our dentist may recommend you receive a bite plate or custom night guard to prevent further damage from bruxism.

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