Three Reasons a Dental Implant Is Often Ideal

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Because of the popularity of dental veneers and dental crowns, many patients forget that dental implants can also restore their smiles, especially because the lack of titanium screws make crowns and veneers much simpler. However, dental implants can benefit your smile in ways that other cosmetic procedures can’t accomplish. We propose these three reasons to consider receiving dental implants for tooth replacement:

Complete Restoration of a Missing Tooth
While other tooth restoration options offer a lot in the dental field, what sets dental implants apart is that they fully restore the appearance and function of your natural teeth, which is especially important if root canal treatment couldn’t preserve the original tooth.

Natural Appearance and Feel
Because your dental implants look so original, everyone but you and your dentist will assume they are your real teeth. This can improve your confidence when taking photos and interacting socially.

Long-Lasting Restoration
Ideally, as long as your smile benefits from excellent oral health habits, your dental implants can last your whole life, maybe even longer than your natural teeth.

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