What Food You Can Eat to Help Your Teeth

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Do you work hard to keep your teeth healthy and strong? Do you brush twice every day, floss daily, and visit our team once every six months? While each of these steps is important, there are a few other steps you can take to protect your pearly whites. For instance, did you know that the diet you follow can impact your teeth?

You’ve probably heard that calcium can strengthen your bones, but did you know it can also strengthen your teeth? Of course, there are several foods and drinks with plenty of calcium in them, such as milk and cheese. While these foods can strengthen your enamel, acidic foods can actually weaken it.

Phosphorous is another important part of your diet. You see, phosphorous can replace minerals that your teeth have lost. A few good sources of phosphorous include almonds, peanuts, cashews, and other nuts. Nuts are also useful because they promote saliva flow, which will further strengthen your teeth. Chickens and other meats are also good sources of phosphorous.

Finally, please remember that following a healthy diet is also important for your children’s teeth. However, it can be difficult to convince your child to eat healthy foods. Fortunately, there are several healthy options your child might enjoy. For instance, you could give them vegetables with a dip, watermelon, yogurt with berries in it, cheddar cheese, and apples.

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